True Laurels

Abdu Ali

120 minsFirst aired 22 Apr 2019

The Baltimore-based, multitalented experimentalist stops in to chat with Lawrence Burney in honor of their debut studio album, FIYAH!!!

Abdu Ali is an artist and arts activist working in various mediums and forms. The Baltimore native’s work straddles music, poetry, curation, writing and community gathering. As a musician, their work is a merging of rap, Baltimore club music, punk, soul and jazz, often with an energetic and bold off-kilter spirit, with visuals to complement. Abdu Ali’s vocals and lyrics are poetic and political, exploring ideas of identity, social structure and oppressive systems. They’re also the founder of the party Kahlon, which made space in the Baltimore scene for marginalized musicians and celebrants. As the party is no longer, they now funnel their community gathering and curatorial practice into the biweekly podcast drumBOOTY. This week on True Laurels we will celebrate the work of Abdu Ali as they stop in to discuss their latest record, FIYAH!!!, and what else 2019 has in store.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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