True Laurels

Exploring Motown’s Legacy

120 minsFirst aired 20 May 2019

Host Lawrence Burney zeroes in on Detroit, exploring how Motown sounds have been reinterpreted in hip-hop, rap and R&B.

Fifty or 60 years on from when they were first released, Motown classics and deep cuts stand the test of time. We’re going to fast forward into the modern era to showcase Motown’s trickle-down influence on hip-hop, R&B and everything in between that’s used the Motown sound, whether in samples or as interpolations. Motown’s classic and timeless style has woven its way into songs by J Dilla, Three 6 Mafia, Ghostface Killa, Lil Wayne, Common and many many more. Host Lawrence Burney will educate us, juxtaposing the originals to the inspired works.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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