True Laurels

Diane "Shabazz" Varnie

60 minsFirst aired 29 Aug 2018Next True Laurels Mon at 4:00pm EDT
Lula Hyers

The Players Ball founder and behind-the-scenes string-puller gives Lawrence Burney a peek behind hip-hop’s curtain

One of this decade’s most important and influential people behind the scenes in the music industry, Diane “Shabazz” Varnie manages the ascendant Memphis rapper BlocBoy JB, and her Players Ball party has brought countless artists to New York for their first shows in the industry hub. Host Lawrence Burney brings Shabazz to True Laurels to give an insider’s perspective on some of rap’s hottest young stars, and what it takes to thrive as a black woman from the South in a Tri-state, male-dominated industry.


Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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