True Laurels

Papi Juice

120 minsFirst aired 25 Feb 2019
Courtesy of Hao Nguyen Oscar

Organizers of the Brooklyn party that celebrates queer and trans people of color chat about their community and ethos.

Papi Juice is a party run by DJs, friends and collaborators Oscar Nñ, Mohammed Fayaz and Adam R. Originally started as a word-of-mouth night at a bar in Clinton Hill, Papi Juice quickly gained popularity as a place for queer and trans people of color to congregate and meet likeminded souls. The platform they’ve created over the last six-plus years reaches across all art forms, from DJing and graphic design to poetry readings and performance art. Their fliers are beloved by partygoers and the musical stylings heard at the gatherings hold the same all-inclusive essence as the overarching mission. The only expectation on DJs and performers at Papi Juice is to perform and play whatever they desire: Bachata, ’70s funk, hip-hop, top 40, ’90s club hits and everything in between. The folks behind the party will join Lawrence Burney in the studio to talk about their beginnings and growth, and the importance of giving space and voice to all.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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