True Laurels

Just Blaze

60 minsFirst aired 31 Oct 2018
Eriver Hijano

Lawrence Burney is joined by hip-hop icon, legendary studio wizard and world-renowned super-producer, Just Blaze.

Justin Smith, the producer best known as Just Blaze, cut his teeth crafting beats for classic records by Jay-Z (The Blueprint) and Kanye West (Late Registration) at the turn of the century, and he’s been pushing the limits of hip-hop production ever since. As a member of the Studio Team at the 20th anniversary Red Bull Music Academy in Berlin, Smith spent most of his time guiding and mentoring Academy participants, and still found time to catch up with host Lawrence Burney. On this episode of True Laurels, they discuss why the center of attention in hip-hop has shifted from the DJ to the MC and back again, how to get lost in the algorithm, that still-unreleased slaughterhouse album and finding the elusive work/life balance.


Produced by Matthew Ismael Ruiz
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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