True Laurels

Kari Faux

120 minsFirst aired 11 Mar 2019
Quil Lemons

The singer, rapper and producer stops in to chat about her new CRY 4 HELP EP, with host Lawrence Burney.

Kari Faux’s ascension has been a multifaceted ride. In 2014 she caught the attention of Donald Glover with the single “No Small Talk” off her Laugh Now, Die Later mixtape, and has since collaborated with Issa Rae on original music for Insecure and produced a track on the Internet’s album Hive Mind. She released a studio album in 2016, Lost En Los Angeles, and a followup EP in 2017 titled Primary. Faux’s latest work, CRY 4 HELP, is a form of therapy for the artist, working through a traumatic experience. The five-track EP features Faux’s honest, confronting lyrics and woozy instrumentals, woven seamlessly through the sonics of rap and R&B.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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