True Laurels


120 minsFirst aired 13 May 2019

From Atlanta via Baltimore, the Boominati and 808 Mafia affiliate hops on the mic with Lawrence Burney to chat about his rise.

Pyrex moved himself out of Baltimore two years ago — he’d spent some time homeless and living out of his friend’s car, and moved on a suggestion from some friends to go to Atlanta on a road trip. When he got to Atlanta he linked with DJ Plugg at 11th Street Studio, and found himself in sessions with other producers and artists who took notice to his sound. Fast forward two years and he’s working with all the top producers and artists in Atlanta — Pyrex has had a hand in shaping the current sound of hip-hop and rap, and has credits on tracks from Offset to Da Baby. On this week’s True Laurels we’ll get to hear about his rise, his Baltimore roots and what he’s up to in 2019.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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