True Laurels

Gianni Lee

120 minsFirst aired 6 May 2019

The West Philadelphia-born multimedia artist joins host Lawrence Burney to talk work, process and stories of his career.

Gianni Lee is a fashion designer, music producer, DJ and multimedia visual artist. His work takes on the themes and questions of racial inequality, power, technology, futurism and communication; his visual work is focused on painting and street art, with his recognizable spray-can figures in public places (most recently, a piece of his was displayed at the Coachella main stage as a part of Khalid’s set at the festival). His musical projects, whether his productions or DJ sets, are a blend of grime, techno, R&B and Baltimore/Philly club sounds. Lawrence Burney invites the artist in for a discussion about his collaborations, solo projects, stories of his career and what is coming up in 2019.


Produced by Natalie Kelapire
Engineered by Mike Bloom

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