Tune-Yards presents C.L.A.W.


C.L.A.W. is your monthly guide to new music by female-identifying artists, presented by indie radical Merrill Garbus AKA Tune-Yards. Merrill first began creating her homemade tracks back in 2006, using a voice recorder and looping devices to construct her unusual combination of ukulele, percussion, and her booming soulful voice. Her self-released LP BiRd-BrAiNs struck a chord with fans and bloggers alike, and 4AD picked up on Tune-Yards’s raw and honest music. Soon she was teaming up with bassist Nate Brenner, projecting her mixture of global folk rhythms, indie pop sensibilities and heartfelt politics into a widescreen, yet concise voice. Every second Monday from 6-7 PM EDT, Merrill presents C.L.A.W. – the Collaborative Legions of Artful Womxn – for which she not only cherry-picks brand new tracks by female identifying producers, instrumentalists and vocalists, but also pairs two performers to collaborate for an exclusive world premiere.

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