Tune-Yards presents C.L.A.W.

Bernice x Bonjay

60 minsFirst aired 14 May 2018This episode is unavailable. Why?
Artwork by Cécile Gariépy

Toronto’s pop experimentalists Bernice and Alanna Stuart of electronic R&B duo Bonjay unveil a new track and big up their inspirations.

On this month’s Collaborative Legions of Artful Womxn, Tune-Yards gets deep into dancehall with Toronto-based band leaders, producers and vocalists Alanna Stuart of Bonjay and Robin Dann of Bernice. They talk about Alanna’s new project, All the Girls I Loved Before, unpack how Caribbean music has infiltrated pop culture and play deep cuts from influential reggae producer Sonia Pottinger and sound sculptor Sowako. Finally, they premiere an ominous yet lilting collaborative thumper entitled “Bébé: The Flower Inside the Frame.”


Produced by Harley Brown and Maryam Qudus
Engineered by Denis Hürter and Merrill Garbus

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